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About Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross is an indie author who writes NA fantasy set in modern times. Her Witchkind series—To Astera, With Love and its sequel, To Ilaris, In Desperation— is filled with magic, humor, and social commentary. 

She also co-published the YA fantasy Girls of Might and Magic. In addition to her books, Amanda is also an Authortuber. She reviews fantasy and horror content from a writer’s perspective on her YouTube channel, Amanda Thee Author

Currently, Amanda is working on a book featuring a necromancer, a burlesque club, a murder mystery, and several witch houses. She is also outlining the third and final book in the Witchkind series. 

When she’s not writing or YouTubing, she is reading, baking, or eating donuts by the beach. To learn more about her upcoming work, join Amanda’s newsletter

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