Vain & Glory: Sylvain’s Night Out

Sylvain Oberlin woke up to the sound of EDM, the smell of grape swishers, and a naked woman asleep between her legs. She was in – Arcata? Port Prince? Humboldt? She had a case of wanderlust and traveled up north. During her trip, she'd found a bar, then another, and then another. By the time... Continue Reading →

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Three Aspects of Quality SEO Content

In today's market, investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't a luxury. If your website isn't optimized, it could be relegated to the back pages of the internet. While SEO might sound like a difficult concept, it's easier than you think. Let's address what SEO is: a marketing method that's focused on improving your organic,... Continue Reading →

Company Content: Websites

Below is website content I wrote for BlueWing, an affiliate of Darwill. Why BlueWing? Part of having a successful business is having a successful website. Your website must appear on the top page of search results, be easy to navigate, and present relevant, keyword-dense content that sets you apart from the competition. At BlueWing, we... Continue Reading →

Company blog: Strategy

Below is a blog I wrote for Darwill in February 2018. The first quarter of the year is almost over, and that means its time to review your digital marketing strategy. A digital strategy is an essential component of an organization's marketing success, but according to Smart Insights, only 46% of them have a clear... Continue Reading →

Company Blog: Engagement

Below is a blog I wrote for Darwill in January 2018. We’ve all been there: frustrated with a lack of quality service (or any service) from a company. According to Accenture, over 68% of people have taken their business elsewhere as a result of poor customer service. As a business owner, losing customers impacts your... Continue Reading →

8 Examples of Female Badassery

It's Women's History Month and that means celebrating all that womenkind has achieved. While we still have many more glass ceilings to shatter, I thought I'd write about some women who have carved a mark for themselves, chased their dreams, and left the world a better place. Boudica - The Celtic Savior The Romans conquered... Continue Reading →

BEKs Part Two – Let Us In

Her dreams were a mix of black-eyed kids and her parents arguing. When she woke up for minutes at a time, it seemed as though their arguments carried over to her waking life. It wasn’t until after dark - when she heard a thud and a scream - that she realized she wasn’t dreaming.

BEKs Part One – 1999

July 1999 San Jose, California Molly Samuels felt strange. It wasn’t the heat or the fact that her aunt Flo was in town. Molly felt strange because of the two children standing at the edge of the lawn, staring at her and her friends with blank expressions. She shrugged them off at first, thinking they... Continue Reading →

12 Musical Artists You Should Know

Music is the great salve for all your writing woes - it can help you get over writer’s block, set the tone for your writing session, and get the creative juices flowing. I know your playlists are probably sacrosanct, but if you’re looking for a little more chutzpah, check out these twelve artists below. Nightwish... Continue Reading →

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