Four Podcasts For Fans Of The Macabre


I’ll admit that I was late to the podcast party. I only started listening to them this summer when my best friend took over my phone and downloaded the Stitcher app. Knowing my interests, she edited my preferences and recommended a few shows to listen to on my work commute.

I’ve always been fascinated by true crime, horror, fantasy, and the like. I’m a sucker for a good story, so when I discovered the following podcasts, I was hooked.

If you’re looking for the fantastical and macabre, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the podcasts below.

  1. Lore– this critically-acclaimed podcast has been around since March of last year. Show host Aaron Mahnke does a solid job of recounting stories of old legends and myths about witches, vampires, hauntings, and more. But Mahnke doesn’t just recount these tales; each topic is thoroughly researched and the episodes often provide historical context to the reasoning behind people’s beliefs and superstitions. In addition, most of the incidents discussed aren’t well known which only proves how dedicated Mahnke is to providing a quality show. Since the episodes are less than 30 minutes, they are easy to binge on.
  2. Last Podcast On The Left – this podcast focuses on a variety of topics such as serial killers, conspiracies, zombies, and more. The shows hosts, Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski add an air of humor to these often gruesome topics without making a mockery of the victims of the crimes. Each topic receives extensive research. The information provided is not for the faint of heart; I had a hard time getting through the Albert Fish episodes myself. The episodes range from 45 minutes to over 60 minutes, which should make your commute a breeze.
  3. The Black Tapes– this is more of a long-running docudrama than each episode having a different theme. This show follows Alex Reagan, a journalist whose most recent subject, Dr. Richard Strand, forces Alex to confront the truth about the world around her. Strand runs the famous Strand Institute, which studies the paranormal from a scientific perspective. Though Strand has debunked numerous cases of supposed hauntings, he has a series of cases that he cannot solve. Dubbed “the black tapes,” these are the cases that Alex focuses on, and they lead her on a journey to discover what’s really out there. Each episode is about 45 minutes, making it perfect for driving to the office or listening to it while doing chores.
  4. The NoSleep Podcast – when you need a good scare, queue up the NoSleep Podcast. What originally started as a forum on Reddit soon became a podcast hosted by David Cummings. Each episode is a different story told by David and others. The podcast has featured some stories that were eventually became published, such as the Pen Pal series by Dathan Auerbach. Episodes are usually over 60 minutes.

When you’re in the mood to be scared or learn about some unsolved mysteries, give these podcasts a try. Got a favorite podcast? Let me know in the comment section below!

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