Company Content: Websites

Below is website content I wrote for BlueWing, an affiliate of Darwill.

Why BlueWing?

Part of having a successful business is having a successful website. Your website must appear on the top page of search results, be easy to navigate, and present relevant, keyword-dense content that sets you apart from the competition. At BlueWing, we build websites that do all of this and convert leads.

How Do We Do It?

  • Strategic Design: Each website we develop is sleek and succinct, but that doesn’t mean they’re basic. They are intuitively designed based on your industry, and each website is built to encourage your customer to take action and convert by filling out a contact form or giving you a call.
  • Tactical Packages: Our packages have all the features your website needs to win in your local market including web hosting, website design, unlimited keyword optimization; a dedicated account manager, reputation management, local presence management, and more.
  • Performance Reporting: Once we build your website, we monitor its progress. We provide you with in-depth reporting so you’ll never be in the dark about your website’s efficacy. Your results are our results, so we work to ensure you’re website is always performing.

Having a website isn’t a luxury in today’s market – it’s a necessity. Trust the experts at BlueWing to help your business stay relevant.

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