The Birthday Blog – 31 Facts

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I’m 31 today. It’s a surreal feeling especially with everything happening in the world right now. These last few days I’ve struggled with deciding whether or not to celebrate or post anything, but then I remembered that — as Black women — our existence is resistance. I am determined to find moments of joy and love and happiness while still keeping my foot on the gas doing what I can for the movement. So, I sat down to put this list of 31 random facts about myself together so you can get to know me better and I can share my #blackgirlmagic. 

Biggest Pet Peeve
People not wearing masks in public. Ms. ‘Rona is still out there, y’all. 

Best piece of advice I’ve gotten
Own your position — when you doubt yourself professionally, just remember that you have the expertise and knowledge to succeed. 

Favorite place in the world
San Francisco.

Most courageous thing I’ve done
In 2014, I moved across the country from Fresno to Atlanta in less than a month. I was 25 and ready for a change, so I took a chance. It paid off in more ways than one — not only did I meet my spouse, but I also discovered myself in the process. 

What do I do to feel better after a bad day
My go-to for when I need a pick me up is Disco. Usually, I’m blasting Donna Summer, Sylvesters, or Chic. I love to workout, but I  struggle with sacroiliitis. So when I am feeling up to it, I also workout to feel better. 

Great book I’ve read recently
My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

What fictional character do I most want to meet
Kay Fierch from The Folk of The Air trilogy by Holly Black

The soundtrack to my life – five songs
U And Dat Booty – E-40
I Want Your Love – Chic
Greatest Show On Earth – Nightwish
Through the Wire – Chaka Khan
The Nutcracker, OP. 71 Coffee – Tchaikovsky

Five of my favorite movies
A Low Down Dirty Shame
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Steel Magnolias
Black Panther

Good childhood memory
When I was young my sister, Sara, had to watch me. She was in high school and wasn’t happy to spend her days with her bratty little sister. But, we ended up bonding one summer. We watched movies like Sixth Sense, Ever After, Low Down Dirty Shame, etc. We did Taebo and ate salads and drank root beer floats. It was a great way to spend time with my big sister. 

My three wishes
Become a successful full-time author
Remove my husband’s cancer
Dismantling Systemic racism 

Biggest kitchen fail
In college I dropped a whole pan of peach cobbler on the floor while taking it out of the oven. 

What power would I want most

What am I writing now
I’m starting the second book in the Witchkind series. 
A blog about why you can’t be “color blind” while writing Black characters. 

What’s the topic of a novel/ story I’ll write one day?
Three best friends, a murder, Reddit message boards, and the true origin of the black-eyed kids.  

Five favorite rappers
Megan Thee Stallion
Kendrick Lamar
Missy Elliot

My Favorite era of rock music
60s/ 70s. Some of my favorite bands are Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

What would my animal familiar be?
A Great Dane named Sable

Favorite food?

Scariest movie?
The Exorcist

What got me into fantasy?
My father’s bedtime stories 

What’s my family like?
I have five siblings — three sisters and two brothers. All of us are loud and opinionated. We are extremely outspoken and our love language is teasing. Me being the youngest, they are all really protective of me. However, I have so many fun memories with them, including my wedding, and this past Christmas. 

Where do I see myself in 5 years?
If the world hasn’t burned down, I’ll be a full-time author. I’ll be living in a nice home or apartment by the beach with my spouse and a dog named Rigatoni. 

What instrument would I most like to play?

Two favorite birthday memories?
 In 2013, my siblings surprised me by taking me to see Mo’Nique. Afterward, we went to dinner and then a club that used to be in downtown San Jose called Freddie J’s. The next day, we went to the movies and saw The End of The World. 
In 2015, my spouse and I went to St. Augustine, Florida. We booked a hotel right on the beach and it was so magical. 

Worst memory? 
In 2008, my father passed away. There was a lot of tension between my siblings and myself and my mom. The day after my birthday in 2009, my mother fell down a flight of stairs at work. It was so horrible because I’d gone through the loss of my father, an immense amount of family drama, a car accident, and then my mother’s injury.  

Favorite genres to read?
Urban fantasy
Non-fiction about the black experience

Witch or a vampire?
Witch, obviously. 

What do I enjoy outside of writing?

Place I most want to travel to?
Turks and Caicos 

What do I want to accomplish before my next birthday?
Release book two in the Witchkind series
Hug my mother
Read 20 books
Bake a Gateau St. Honore
Get to the beach