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Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross

Black speculative fiction author and campy fantasy heaux.

Book Two Update

I’m officially a published author. It’s something I’ve wanted to say my whole life. Now that it’s true, you better believe I am flexin’. To Astera, With Love is the first book in a three-part series that follows 21-year-old witch Mercury Amell. He navigates a world where, due to an ages-old feud between vampires and witches, his people face mass discrimination. Laws passed by the world’s first (known) vampire president force witches to out themselves and ensure their continued discrimination. 

Book Two

The story continues with Mercury and his friends’ — Ellis, Joelle, Griffin, and Sloane — as they deal with the aftermath of the events in book one. Though I don’t want to give too many spoilers in case you haven’t read the book (and really, what are you waiting for?) I can say this about book two: 

It is even witchier, more queer, and unapologetically Black than Astera. You’ll get to know more about not just Mercury and the gang, but also his family and other people both good and bad in the world Mercury lives in. 

I can also say that I am thoroughly enjoying writing this book just as much as the last one. Though it’s still early stages, I’m about 20k in, I look forward to sitting down and writing each day. For non-writers, it feels like the early stages of having a crush on someone. 

Book Title 

I’m not usually good at coming up with titles so when the title for To Astera, With Love and it just fit. The nerves returned when I started outlining book two, thinking that my luck was only a one-time thing. Seriously, I’ve written entire stories and novels without being able to think of a title and in the end just named the content after the main character.

Anyway, I’m really excited about this title. It gives a hint of what you can expect when you read it, and more insight into the world building and events of the novel. So, here it is: 

To Ilaris, In Desperation

Much like the Astera, “Ilaris” is another event of significance to the witches in this universe. And unlike book one, the characters will be tested far more than before. If you want updates and special sneak peaks of Ilaris, sign up for my newsletter today!

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