Five Fantasy Shows You May Not Remember

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It’s no secret that a love of mythology and fantasy was ingrained in me from a young age.


My father loved dragons and Magic the Gathering and told me stories about a girl who lived in the forest and could talk to animals. My mother loved African mythology, specifically Egyptian. She was also a painter and so images of Pharaohs and a bust of Nefertiti set the atmosphere. She also loved to read about vampires and witches and werewolves. When I was finally allowed to channel surf, I discovered fantastical shows that continued to feed my love of the genre. 


Fantasy and sci-fi are ubiquitous now, but it wasn’t always this way. There are some shows that were so good but aired too early to reach the right audiences. Or they did, but have been forgotten by time. Here are five fantasy shows you may not remember. 


Blood Ties

This short-lived show featured a vampire/PI/detective love triangle and I was here for all of it. Blood Ties follows Vicky, a former detective turned PI who teams up with a sexy vampire, Henry, to solve supernatural cases for her clients. Occasionally, she’ll enlist the help of her former partner and lover, Mike, who is still on the force. Vicky is torn between them – Henry is powerful, cultured, and immortal. Mike is loyal, clever, and familiar. As the show goes on and the cases get weirder, you root for the three of them to succeed. 



Another PI + vampire tale is Moonlight. The show follows Mick, a vampire and PI, who solves cases in Los Angeles. He falls in love with a reporter named Beth, as they begin to investigate a case together. Beth introduces him to her friend Morgan, and Mick gags when he realizes that it’s his estranged wife and sire, Coraline. Things only get more interesting from there. This is another short lived but bingeable show. 


Dead Like Me 

This show gave us grim reapers who are less like the reapers in Supernatural and more like the characters of The Office. It follows 18-year-old Georgia who, after dying, is informed that she’s in charge of removing the souls of people after they die from accidents. We get to know her and the rest of the reapers in the External Influence Division as they go about their reaper jobs and day jobs. 


Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Before Kiernan Shipka took on Sabrina in a dark retelling, there was the quirky Melissa Joan Hart, who played the teenage witch with all the pluck and angst of a 90s teen. Sabrina the Teenage Witch follows Sabrina Spellman after she discovers her powers when he turns 16. She lives with her two 600-year old aunts, Hilda and Zelda, and their magical talking cat, Salem. Sabrina struggles to master her powers and get through high school in one piece. This was a staple in my house especially because it was part of the TGIF lineup on ABC. 


Being Human

There are two versions of this show, but like most things, the original is better. It follows three roommates – a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost as they live together and try to make sense of their lives in modern-day Bristol. A big part of the first season is them dealing with their central conflicts – John is trying desperately not to feed, George struggles to maintain his transformations, and Annie tries to find out how she died. I loved the relationship between these characters and how they are truly a found family. 


What are your favorite fantasy shows? Let me know!