Girls Of Might

Across realms, worlds, and dimensions we bring you sixteen fantasy and/or science fiction tales...

The Collection includes:


Heartburn by E. M. Lacey

Wind and Silk by Alice Ivinya

Faith by Sudha Kuruganti

Grace and Ghosts by K. R. S. McEntire

The Outside by C. C. Solomon

Daughter of Soil and Gold by Meghan Rhine

Check Yourself by Kat Zaccard

A Meeting in the Woods by Nicole Givens Kurtz

Pretty Young Things by LaLa Leo


Funnel Cake by Amanda Ross

Outcast by D. L. Howard

Serenity Dawn by C. I. Raiyne

The Cursed Gift by Courtney Dean

Chasing Waves by Kendra Merritt

Sight by Tamika Brown

Memories of Magic by Ashley Ford



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