Amanda Ross

America, 2022 - drugs are legal, witches are real, and a literal vampire is President.

In this world of boutique blood bars and policies that force witches to out themselves, 21-year-old Mercury Amell just wants to live. He wishes that the ages-old feud between vampires and witches didn’t exist. He wishes that his powers and his skin color didn’t increase his odds of being burned at the stake.

After making a powerful enemy, Mercury and his friends must travel to Astera, an annual gathering of all witchkind. They battle vampiric cops, evil witches, aggressive humans, and each other along the way as they struggle to make it in one piece. Will their collective power be enough to get them to Astera safely? Or will they fall prey to their enemies and the laws that spell their destruction?


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What Readers Say

I found myself laughing and also sharing some very heartbreaking moments with Mercury and his friends. With an ending that definitely lit a fire within me, I would certainly recommend this book to anyone looking to read some modern fantasy that incorporates current social issues.

I have never read a book quite like To Astera, With Love by Amanda Ross, and I doubt I will ever read one quite like it ever again. To call it unique feels like an understatement— its allegory is innovative, its voices are refreshing, and its resonance has yet to leave me.

This story was very different and I seriously loved it. Witches, Vampires, and Politcal upheaveal. Just my type of novel. Even the political climate and the way their society resembles some of what is going on today in our society was well written and real.

With wit, wisdom, and astute creativity, Amanda Ross creates a wonderfully entertaining narrative that also intersects powerful themes of systemic racism. You’ll laugh. You’ll probably cry. You’ll reflect on your own prejudices.