To Astera, With Love

To Astera, With Love

Welcome to America, the land of the (not quite) free and the home of the (occasionally) brave. The country that gave us Frederick Douglass and Robert E. Lee. Who gave us Hollywood and the segregated South. Who gave us Brown vs. the Board of Education but who drained an entire swimming pool after Dorothy Dandridge dipped her toe into the water. Welcome to America, where you’re more likely to star in a reality TV show, wear a shirt that says “suns out guns out,” or be murdered by a vampire than any other country in the world.”

America, 2022 – drugs are legal, witches are real, and a literal vampire is President. In this world of boutique blood bars and policies that force witches to out themselves, 21-year-old Mercury Amell just wants to live. He wishes that the ages-old feud between vampires and witches didn’t exist. He wishes that his powers and his skin color didn’t increase his odds of being burned at the stake. 

After making a powerful enemy, Mercury and his friends must travel to Astera, an annual gathering of all witchkind. They battle vampiric cops, evil witches, aggressive humans, and each other along the way as they struggle to make it in one piece. Will their collective power be enough to get them to Astera safely? Or will they fall prey to their enemies and the laws that spell their destruction?

To Astera, With Love is currently available for preorder on Amazon, and officially debuts on June 20th.

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